Inspirational Messages and Pics

When life has knocked you off your feet and your future seems shaky, rest on Christ, the solid Rock. Shift your gaze from the turmoil that engulfs you to God who will comfort you.

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lady on my rock with water

The Battle is in Our Mind

Turbulence engulfs us. Thoughts torment.

Is it possible to deliberately shift our focus from our fears to God? Sometimes we’re feeling so low that our head is too heavy to lift. A simple upward glance to a heavenly Father is all it takes. Then our monumental problems will fade in comparison with His great power and love.

We have an example in the book of Psalms of someone who did just that.

As you read the following passages, try to picture David’s often life-threatening circumstances. You’ll find that you can relate to his honest emotions. You, too, can renew your thinking by simply saying, “But God…”

Click on the link below for a list of verses from the book of Psalms.

The Battle is in Our Mind

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