Expressions of Love for Siblings

Tribute to Our Son, Rob:

When the dust settled, I asked Rob, “Where do you think you come in my list of priorities?”

“After Chris,” was his response.

My heart broke when I realized he didn’t know how much I love him. How could he not know I love him more than life itself?

All the time we spent tending to Chris’s needs, Rob got lost in the shuffle. Each crisis robbed our other son of precious moments he could have had with us.

How can I ever get those moments back?

I cherish Rob’s senior year of high school. That year, Chris lived on campus hours from our home. Solitude restored, Rob and I shared devotional time. After school, we read verses from God’s Word. I spent hours photographing him as drum major of his band. How I loved creating a memory book of all his musical accomplishments and pictures!

Currently, Rob lives with his wife and baby hours away from us. I look forward to the times we connect on the phone. The phone line becomes a lifeline to my heart. His voice inflates my heart with joy.

Dear Rob,

I don’t usually lack for words. But when it comes to expressing my love for you, I’m at a loss to find the words. Nothing seems to come close to conveying how I feel. My love for you is deeper than the ocean.

I’m amazed at the godly man you have become. Impressed at the wonderful father you are to Sofie. Not surprised at the gentleness you have for your daughter. Grateful for the godly woman God has blessed you with in Kristie. Proud of how hard you worked to become a physician. Thankful for how God is using you on the worship team and with teenagers in your church. Thoughts of you rise to the top of my mind like expensive cream. Floating through my consciousness throughout my days and nights.

I love you, Rob.


What would you like to say to/about a sibling of your child who has mental illness? Feel free to write a poem or a love letter.

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