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Bullying and Mental Illness

From my picture book: “Heart Eyes: Beth and the Bullies”

From my picture book:
“Heart Eyes: Beth and the Bullies”

Bullying doesn’t always lead to mental illness (MI). But it can contribute to it.

Our son, Chris admits that all the bullying he endured played a role in his MI.

October is National Bully Prevention Month.

There’s gonna be a twitter storm in Washington DC on bullying today. Tell everyone you know.

 Here are the details about the twitter storm:

In recognition of National Bullying Prevention Month and the sixth year anniversary of the Shepard Byrd Hate Crimes Prevention Act, please join Senior Advisor to the President Valerie Jarrett tomorrow, October 28,  from 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM EDT for a Twitter chat on bullying prevention. As many of you know, one of the first times the Shepard Byrd Hate Crimes Prevention Act was enforced was in the case of Vincent Kee, a Navajo man with developmental and psychiatric disabilities who was assaulted. Also, Department of Education has previously issued guidance issued guidance to schools reminding them that bullying is wrong and must not be tolerated—including against America’s 6.5 million students with disabilities. The Department of Education’s press release provides a comprehensive summary of the guidance related to disability and bullying that the Department of Education has issued to date.

Please retweet the tweet below to your networks and use the hashtag #StopBullying365 to ask your questions.

Here’s the link to the Department of Education press release: